Website Features

Amazing Features to Grow Your Business

Small businesses love our features because they’re included with our website design at no additional charge.

Website Features

Small businesses need a solid foundation to build their online brand. In the service industry, these features are essential for your business success, and more importantly, all of these features and more are included in your website design!

Online Contracts

Having online contracts are important for your business in many ways. They’re easy for your clients and customers to sign, easy to create, and have more than one purpose.

Client Appointment Booking Columbus Ohio

Appointment Scheduling

Fully automate the interaction with potential customers and help them pick the right service, and take care of payment with real-time SMS reminders.

Online Proofing Gallery for Photographers Columbus, Ohio

Proofing Galleries

Photographers need a proofing gallery to present a set of photos to their clients for approval. Manage, display, proof, and sell photos like a pro.

Online Print fulfillment columbus ohio

Online Print Fulfillment

When your clients are happy, they will recommend you and tell everyone how easy your process is. Sell prints online with automatic or manual fulfillment.

Online Website Payments Columbus, Ohio ADDWIRE

Online Payments

Small businesses increase sales when you give your clients a seamless experience while accepting all major credit/debit cards on your website.

All in one small business solution columbus ohio ADDWIRE

All In one Solution

We offer a complete, cohesive solution to run your business online with ADDWIREs integrated features that streamlines your workflow and produces results.

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