Accept online payments

Accepting Online Payments

Break free from the big box traditions that trap you into buying their products and force you to waste money.

Online Payments

Our Mission

Create an all-inclusive website solution that’s cohesive and outperforms your competitors.

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What are your processing fees?
ADDWIRE does not charge any processing fees. We strongly support small businesses by giving the best service and not “Nickle and Dime” to our customers. We want you to succeed because when you succeed, we succeed too!
How can I accept payments on my website?
You can start accepting payments through your Client Booking Software and Online Print Lab with Stripe or PayPal as soon as ADDWIRE sets your website up for operation. We’ll take care of everything for you so you can focus on getting sales.
Can I accept payments in person?
Absolutely! With your client booking software, you are in control of all aspects of your client’s lifecycle. If they pay online, the software records that, but if they pay you in cash or check, you can manually add the payment in your booking software if you wish.
Do I need a website from ADDWIRE to use your software?
ADDWIRE creates beautiful websites for small businesses. We can create a custom solution for you; however, yes. Our software is integrated cohesively to give your clients and customers the best experience.
Accept Online Payments securely in Columbus Ohio

Secure online payments

Give your clients a seamless experience while accepting all major credit/debit cards. Getting paid quickly is important to small businesses, and now you can accept payments when clients or customers book appointments, schedule classes, and buy prints online. This isn’t where it stops, either! You can accept payments when clients sign contracts and agreements with our Stripe and PayPal integration.

Earn 2x more by accepting online payments

Build more trust online

Accept Major Credit/Debit Cards

Increase Sales


Secure Status in Browsers

Your website will have a 2048bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) built right into it! Websites with SSL Security rank higher in Search Engines because it protects your business and clients from hackers. This year, all major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari have begun telling users when a website is not secure. Google announced that they plan to mark all unsecured websites as Non-Secure in moving towards a more secure future for consumers.


Including Social Media

Social Media won’t link to your website unless it’s secure.

Protect Sensitive Info

Having a secured website protects your clients information.

Better Ranking On Google

Search Engines Rank your website higher when it’s secured.

Online Payments

Earn 2x more by accepting online payments vs. those who don’t.

Business Solutions

All in one solution for small businesses that bring everything you need into one place. Schedule clients, sign online agreements, proof client photo galleries, and sell prints with an online store. Choosing ADDWIRE is a great business investment.

Google My Business

Improving your exposure to millions of potential clients.

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Book your client appointments on your website.

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Proofing galleries that photographers love.

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Automatic fulfillment makes selling prints easier than ever.

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