Client Agreements: This is what your business needs for its survival

why your business needs client agreements for its survival

A Client Service Agreement is a contract that is between you and your customers. One of the most important aspects of a successful business is having one of these, and keep in mind that client agreements and client confidentiality agreements are one of the most important investments that you can make for your business. We’ll tell you why.

1. Resolving Disputes

Everyone wants a smooth and friendly transaction to keep things moving. But what if there’s a hang-up because your client was thinking something different that wasn’t agreed to in the consultation?

When a client disputes something, it can get expensive and time-consuming, sidetracking you from your business. With a client service agreement, you can be clear and provide a step by step path to what to anticipate and how your project will end. Having a clear path will help resolve most disputes with your clients.

2. Everything you need

An undeniable benefit of having a client agreement for your business is that the terms are available in one easy place. When you have a document describing every aspect of your business-client relationship – you can relax, knowing that there is a shared understanding of the services you provide. This is an important part when keeping a great relationship with your clients.

3. Modern expectations require Modern terms

Some of the key terms that should be in client agreements and client confidentiality agreements are:

  • Services: Outline the scope of work and how it will be provided
  • Payment: You want to include the fees that are required from the client with key payment dates and any outcomes for failing to pay on time.
  • Duration: Make sure to define the time period that has been agreed for the service you’re providing.
  • Termination: Everyone needs an opportunity to exit the agreement if someone isn’t living up to the other’s expectations. If there is a situation where either of you would want to stop working with each other should be outlined here.
  • Copyrights & Intellectual Property: You want to ensure that your copyrights and intellectual property rights are clearly defined and protected. It doesn’t matter if you’re a photographer, designer, or content creator. Does it belong to you or your client, and how can they use the license?
  • Liability: Accidents happen. You want to make sure that a stipulation exists that limits when a client can sue your business.

4. As always, Appearances win

Looks are everything! Like it or not—even the appearance of your business website can have bad results. Having a well-designed website combined with client appointment scheduling software and a tailored agreement will greatly influence your prospective clients. It shows that you are a legitimate business and display your thoroughness and attention to detail in your work.

If you don’t have these things and if you use a Do it yourself website template, have an inadequately drafted and composed client agreement, and if you don’t have an easy way to book your clients, this may have more of an unfavorable impact on your company than you realize.

I need a client agreement, help me!

We have you covered. Our Client Agreements are easy to build and have a lot of features that are included. Want to try a sample client agreement to see what your clients see and what they can expect? Try our Sample Client Agreement for Photographers or our Sample Client agreement for Personal Trainers.