The 3 Best Personal Trainer Website Design Tools Bottom Line

Best Personal Trainer Website Tools
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Everyone agrees that a custom website design will have a huge impact on your fitness business when you have a well-designed website. Combine this with a well put together SEO plan, and your fitness brand will be seen 1000 times more than your competitor who doesn’t use an SEO Solution.

Suppose you’re just looking into starting a personal trainer website or already have one but feel like you could be doing more. Look no further. We have put together a helpful guide to help websites for personal trainers.

1. Appointment Scheduling

As a personal trainer, you probably offer a range of fitness industry services —1 on 1 personal training, nutritional training, and group style training. Having an appointment scheduling software on your side is ultimately the best way to keep track of who’s coming, who’s paid, and what classes and days you’re booked for.

When you use these with your fitness web design, your website visitors can see the classes you offer right away. They can sign up without you having to waste needless time sending emails or calling to answer simple questions that are already covered with your appointment booking tool.

Event Appointment Booking
Event Appointment Booking

Group Event Booking

You can maximize your revenue with your fitness website by offering group events. Create an event when you want to hold a group class, let’s say 5:00 AM till 6:00 AM for 3 days a week – Mon, Wed, Fri. Set a price that sounds great, like $50 per week, and set a class limit of 10 people per class, and that allows you to make more than 3 of your one-on-one training sessions.

Having a great option like this on your personal training website gives you an advantage over your competitors and running your business.

Appointment Booking

Let your potential clients see how easy it is to book private sessions right from your user-friendly website. We offer step by step training on setting your booking software up so you can start selling right away with our website designs.

This must-have tool includes a calendar syncing feature so you and your clients can sync your appointments to your mobile devices. Let’s not even stop there. You can also link your booking pages on social media and offer a free trial for new clients.

Personal Training Appointment Booking
Personal training appointment booking

2. Liability Agreements

Nobody wants to get injured or sued. It’s bad for business when problems like these come up. This is why online liability agreements are among the most important parts of running a successful personal training business. It protects you, and the bottom line is, you can focus on what is most important.

You can try out our sample liability agreement for yourself to see how easy it is to use. When a client signs up, you can use a call to action by placing a link on either your home page or have your booking software send your paid clients directly to the liability agreement itself.

The best part is that with having a liability waiver, having an electronic signature makes it legally binding. This wonderful feature is included with every personal training website we offer, and all included with the monthly fee.

Personal Training liability Waiver
Sample Personal Trainer Liability Waiver

3. A Solid SEO Plan

I’ll be the first to tell you that SEO plans are expensive and one of the most not talked about the best investments for your business. SEO is not an overnight marketing trick, but it deeply roots your website into places where you want to target and in front of potential customers that you want to gain more of.

This is how you came across this article. We didn’t pay anyone to recommend this page to you. This is an amazing example of a solid SEO plan. We researched this topic, just like we would for your personal training website, and we built this page around every aspect of the research to ultimately reach you.

We want to convince you that your business will be successful and your plans for it are amazing. Just like the personal training world, we don’t know what you know. That’s why we hire you to be our partner and take us where we want to go and meet the goals that we desire to achieve. Think of it as having the most ultimate personal trainer to help you reach your goals and help take you where you want your business to go.

I’m Interested, but don’t know where to go.

We would love to help! We hope that our personal trainer website tools article was helpful.


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