Website Templates – Why you don’t want to use them

Photography Website Templates should not be used

Having any business, you know what it means to save time and money. Website templates offer a simple solution, but this is only a temporary patch that you will later regret. Why? Because later, you will want to add more features or even customize your website that accurately represents your brand.

There isn’t a lot of data about how often templates are used, but considering right now, you or one of your competitors are using one. Let’s say that your competitor’s sales are high, and when you go investigate, their website isn’t just all that. There’s a reason why… It’s because their website isn’t up to standards.

Doesn’t originality matter anymore?

In our opinion, YES! The whole point of your business existence is because you aren’t like anyone else in the market. This is why it would be devastating for your brand to succumb to the same old’ template routine that others use. What if a client has had a bad experience with another company that has the same template? Guess what? The mind works in mysterious ways, and if the brain can recognize smells and trigger strong memories, as LiveScience article – Why smells trigger memories Suggests. Then obviously visuals trigger memories as well as The Guardians Article – Why Pictures Trigger Buried memories Suggests. This is why you need your own Website.

Are Templates a good starting point?

We would be completely lying if we said that 10 years ago, we had an original design. Templates are a good starting point when starting a website with none or minimal budget. You get to see for yourself the complexity and how hard it is to maintain a website without any help or coding experience.

That’s it. Here’s what you should know.

There are hardly any articles out there convincing you not to use Website templates. That is because website templates are easy to sell to uninformed consumers; it’s a sit-back-and-forget solution to make money for some people. Sometimes they’re updated, but you will usually have to pay a fee. Ultimately, this is something you’ll have to decide on. Do you want to waste money on a template or have an all-inclusive package that we offer that is within your budget?

Should I hire a website designer?

This depends on the needs of your business. Are you a photographer that needs a proofing gallery? Are you a Personal Trainer that needs liability waivers signed? Do you have a brick and mortar store that needs to have an online eCommerce solution? Hiring a Website Designer like ADDWIRE Creative Studios would be your best and non-regrettable choice. They offer complete website design packages starting at $250, and that’s about the average price for a specialized website template for your industry. Please don’t take our word for it; go over and look at some of their Website Design Portfolio